The Women's World Cup got underway with England and India recording big wins over Sri Lanka and Pakistan respectively.

One of the on-field umpires in the India v Pakistan match was Japan's Neil Harrison, and he is one of four associate and affiliate umpires involved in the tournament.

And unlike in previous men's world cups, they are acting as on-field officials, and not as third or fourth officials.

Tomorrow's big Australia v New Zealand match will be umpired by Indonesia's Shahul Hameed and Singapore's Sarika Prasad. Hameed has umpired ten men's ODIs, whilst Prasad was an umpire at last year's World Twenty20 qualifier in Belfast.

Harrison will also umpire in the New Zealand v West Indies match, Hameed in the India v England match and Prasad in the India v Sri Lanka match.

The other associate umpire involved is Papua New Guinea's Lakani Oala, who will umpire in the Australia v South Africa match.