Afghanistan coach Kabir Khan claimed that it was the happiest day of his life after watching his side win the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 3.

'I am very proud of them. It is the happiest day of my life and a golden day in the history of Afghanistan cricket history. It is a great achievement and I can't believe the way the boys have done it,' said Kabir.

Kabir now believes that his side have plenty of time to prepare for mounting a campaign at the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier and winning a place at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, but said that he wanted time to enjoy his side's victory.

'I am personally quite confident and hopeful we can do it. When I spoke after Tanzania I said that we had three months to prepare for this event and again we have got some time to prepare and improve and raise our game a step higher.

'I know quite a bit about some of the other teams, but first we are going to go back and enjoy our victory. There will be lots of invites for players to events and lots of television interviews but after that we are going to sit down and plan a training camp in either Pakistan and India and go through a very good high performance camp.'

The fixtures for the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier, which begins on 1 April in South Africa, will be released shortly.