Various organisations, including the ICC, have often been keen to host ODI cricket in the USA, and they will finally get their wish later this month when Bermuda play Canada during Division One of the Americas Championship in Florida.

Whilst it isn't the big money India v Pakistan match many would have been hoping for, it is a start, and it is a good sign that the USA now has a venue approved to host ODI cricket - the Broward County Stadium in Fort Lauderdale.

It could well signal a return to the USA of regular major cricket matches. With the exception of the USA v Canada Intercontinental Cup match in 2004, and an Australia A v India A one-day series in 1999, the USA hasn't hosted regular first-class cricket since Australia toured back in 1913 - the end of Philadelphia's first-class cricket era. Incidentally, Germantown Cricket Club in Philadelphia beat the Australians by four wickets at that time, a result indicative of the strength of Philadelphian cricket at the time.

Not all is perfect with the Americas Championship though, which will see Suriname make their debut at this level. One of the three venues being used only has artificial wickets, meaning that five matches in the top regional tournament will not be played on turf. The other ground being used is Brian Piccolo Park, also in Fort Lauderdale - site of the aforementioned USA v Canada match in which John Davison took 17 wickets - the best in first-class cricket since Jim Laker.

The tournament starts on the 25th of November and ends on the 30th. Look for reports from each days play here on CricketEurope.