American sports have recently been instrumental in playing matches overseas, with the NFL and the NHL hosting games in London last year, and the NFL hosting games in London and Toronto and the NHL hosting games in Stockholm and Prague this year.

But according to a Trinidad newspaper, West Indies cricket is to go even further than those occasional events and host an entire domestic tournament in another country. This years KFC Cup one-day tournament will be played entirely in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and will probably be the highest profile cricket event staged in the USA since the Australian tour of 1913 - the last such tour to feature first-class matches.

The Fort Lauderdale ground was originally a possible venue for the 2007 World Cup warm-up matches, and history was made there in 2004 when John Davison took 17 wickets for Canada in their Intercontinental Cup match against the USA - the best match figures since Jim Laker. It is currently pencilled in to host the first ever ODI in the USA, when Canada play Bermuda in the Americas Championship later this year.

In addition to the entire tournament being played in Florida, the USA and Canada will return to the tournament. Canada haven't played in the tournament since 2004, and the USA haven't played since 2000, when they gained a famous win over Barbados.