23rd July. LCU President's XI v. Italy at Kenure

In a warm-up game for the Italians prior to the start of the European championships, the President's XI started with what looked as if it would be an exercise in mass-suicide, arriving at 13-3 in no time at all.

But the visitors then must have regretted dropping Ben Dunk (otherwise Trinity and YMCA) twice before he had got very far. He went on to make 131, with that mixture of elegance and brutality which makes a fine innings. In total he hit 17 fours and 5 sixes, and faced just 91 balls, showing the kind of power which has him on the Christmas shopping list for quite a few of the Northern cricket clubs.

He and Graham McDonnell of Pembroke and Ireland Under 19's, who scored 59, put on 198 for the fourth wicket in 26 overs and were then out within an over of each other. McDonnell hit 9 boundaries in his 77 ball sojurn at the crease.

Shahid Iqbal (Rush) with 29 and Phil Markey (Malahide) with 25 were the best of the rest and the President's men arrived at 292-9 in their 40 overs a challenge anywhere but not impossible at Rush.

Italy battled, but never looked as if they'd get near the target. Matt Petrie (Merrion) bowled with his usual accuracy, but the track didn't give him any lift and Shahid Iqbal contributed rather more wides than he and his skipper would have wished.

The Northcote brothers, Nicholas with 29n.o. and Andy with 28 (a professional for two seasons with Pembroke) were the top-scorers, with extras third on 27, and then Jayasena (23) and Petricola (21).

The innings closed on 165, Phil Markey taking 2-17 and Etisham Ahmed (YMCA) 2-20, but a special word of praise for young off spinner Emmet Brannigan from The Hills, who bowled with great guile, conceding just 13 runs from 5 overs, in a period where the Italians were looking to accelerate.

Leinster President XI
B Dunk st N Northcote b A Northcote 131
S McAuley run out 0
J Pryor c N Northcote b Alaud 5
E Conway b Alaud 0
G McDonnell lbw A Northcote 59
P Markey st N Northcote b A Bonora 25
G Flanagan c Kulukurisayia b Munasinghe 7
E Ahmed run out 0
S Iqbal c sub b Bonora 29
M Petrie not out 14
E Brannigan not out 1
Extras 21 (6lb, 13w, 2nb)
Total (40 overs, 9 wickets) 292

Fall 1-0 2-13 3-13 4-211 5-212 6-240 7-244 8-245 9-289

D Alaud 5-1-16-2 V Pennazza 5-1-39-0 P Petricola 8-0-72-0 H Jayaysena 4-0-40-0 A Northcote 8-0-51-2 A Bonora 5-0-32-1 G Munasinghe 5-0-36-1

A Northcote c Pryor b Ahmed 28
T Kurukulasuriya c Dunk b Iqbal 0
A Bonora c Dunk b Petrie 2
P Petricola c&b Ahmed 21
J Scuderi c Flanagan b Markey 11
H Jayasena c McDonnell b Markey 23
N Northcote not out 29
K Perera run out 5
V Pennazza c Iqbal b Conway 11
G Munasinghe not out 8
D Alaud dnb
Extras 27 (7lb, 20w)
Total (40 overs, 8 wickets) 165

Fall 1-6 2-29 3-62 4-73 5-101 6-110 7-130 8-147

M Petrie 7-0-25-1 S Iqbal 6-1-30-1 E Ahmed 3-0-20-2 P Markey 5-1-17-2 G McDonnell 5-0-20-0 E Brannigan 5-1-13-0 E Conway 6-0-22-1 S McAuley 3-0-11-0