Kenya Cricket Umpires Association which was established in 1958 in Nairobi, Kenya is all set to celebrate its 50th Anniversary on Saturday 9th November 2008 at Nairobi Gymkhana's (Lords of Kenya Cricket) Cricket Pavilion confirmed Subhash Modi, chairman of the organising committee for the celebrations and a former chairman of the Association.

The formation of Kenya Cricket Umpires Association was initiated by a few cricket lovers on 19th January, 1958 under the chairmanship of E. J. Cohen. Among the members present then were notable cricketing personalities like Messrs N. U. Diwan, C.B. Braimbridge, J. R. Jabbar, Dr. C. Teesdale, C. C. Carver, C. M. Patel, H. Rattansi, W. J. Perkins and others

Kenya Cricket Umpires Association is an independent body with its own constitution.

In the past, the association has hosted functions in honour of the World's well known cricket umpires like Dicky Bird, David Shepherd, Venkat Raghavan, Steve Bucknor, Rudy Kirsten, Darrell Hair, Peter Willey, Jayprakash, Daryl Harper, Russell Tiffin, John Holder, Dave Orchard, Ian Robinson, Asad Rauf, Nadim Gauri, KS Bansal, Hari Haran, Gotasker and others.

To all those Kenyan umpires and scorers who have given relentless services for 50 years for the love of the game, the association records its appreciation and gratitude. The association is grateful to ICC, ACA,
Cricket Kenya, NPCA, Coast Cricket Association and old KCA for their help and support. KCU&SA are planning to recognise and honour all its members (past and present) during the celebrations and also all its past and present chairmen and secretaries.

KCU&SA have in the past honoured some of its members with Green and Gold Badges for services rendered to the Association.

KCU&SA has appointed the following people to organise its Golden (50th) Anniversary:
Organising Committee:-
Subhash Modi - Chairman
Lalji Bhudia - Coordinator
Ebhrahim Fidahusein
Mohammed Khan
Rockie D'Mello
Ashraf Chaudry
Moses Owesi
R. K. Mittra
Dennis Angara
Bala Baskaran
Alfred Crasto