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David Hemp will return to the Bermuda national side for the Twenty20 World Cup qualifiers in Ireland in three weeks' time.

Hemp, one of the Island team's star performers at the World Cup in the West Indies last year, will boost the squad as they bid to make it into the Twenty20 World Cup in England next year.

The Glamorgan skipper is just one of five survivors from the squad that represented Bermuda in the Stanford Twenty20 competition earlier this year.

Irving Romaine, Dwayne Leverock, James Celestine and Mclaren Smith are the others, and although the squad has yet to be formally announced, all are expected to make the trip.

There is no place, however, for the likes of Lionel Cann, Jacobi Robinson and Ricardo Brangman jr, who have all missed out after failing to commit themselves fully to the national team set-up.

And after the deadline for the Twenty20 squad passed on July 1, Robinson was then confirmed as Somerset's Cup Match captain this year, a game that Cann and Brangman are now also expected to play in.

With the likes of Jekon Edness, Rodney Trott, Stephen Outerbridge, Chris Foggo, Oronde Bascome and Stefan Kelly all proving their worth in the recent games against Canada and Scotland, Bermuda are looking to the future.

However, national team coach Gus Logie has said that the door isn't closed to any player on the Island, although those who wish to be involved will have to conform to the philosophy surrounding the squad.

"The door isn't closed on anyone, and we have made the players in the squad aware that the national team is not their own private domaine," said Logie.

"We want the best team that we can have, we can't afford not to consider people on this Island, but it must be a team that is focused. We won't shut the door on anybody, but they have to show that they can buy into the philosophy surrounding the side.

"They have to be committed to training, have the right attitude and be willing to be part of the team.

"I think we would all recognise that we are a fast bowler short, and players like Lionel Cann and Malachi Jones can always bring something to a side, but it cannot be at the expense of the team's morale.

"One thing that has been obvious here and in Canada was the work ethic, the attitude and the focus of the side. The players all worked together and although we lost, the way they fought back against Scotland was commendable."

Having just finished two four-day games, Bermuda will have to adjust quickly if they are to compete for one of the three spots now available at the qualifiers in Ireland. And with the top two guaranteed a place at the main event in England, Logie is keen to avoid the lottery of a play-off for the third spot.

"We'll give the players a rest and then return to training on Monday," he said. "The players have to adjust and adapt as quickly as possible, but they have shown that they are perfectly capable of doing so."

As part of their preparations for the tournament, Bermuda will play two Twenty20 games at the National Stadium on Thursday, July 24 and Saturday, July 26. Both games will start at 6 p.m. and are likely to be against an All-Star team picked from the best of the other players on the Island.