The day started with the promise of a battle on the final day of this Intercontinental Cup match. It ended quickly with a dominant performance from the Bermuda bowlers and fielders, while the Canadian batsmen were dismissed meekly, without putting up much of a fight.

Overnight batsman Ian Billcliff was joined by Sunil Dhaniram, and together they hoped to replicate the performance they witnessed from Irving Romaine and Jekon Edness a day earlier. In the early going, it looked good for the home side as they batted safely and added runs at a reasonably pace, but it all fell apart less than an hour in. Ian Billcliff was given out by Roger Dill, on a controversial leg before decision, and that triggered another collapse of a Canadian batting order that has simply failed too many times.

Dhaniram was next to go, as a ball popped up just slightly off his bat and Chris Foggo was on it in a flash from his bat pad position. Leverock bowled with a consistently aggressive field, 5 men around the bat, forcing the Canadians into constant pressure defence. Karun Jethi came out and went off just as quickly, playing around a Leverock delivery and being stumped by Edness. Arvind Kandappah had made another aggressive start, but was done in by that same aggression, caught on the deep square leg boundary by Stefan Kelly, leaving Canada 120 for 8 at lunch, still 138 runs short of victory.

Eion Katchay and Rustam Bhatti made a go of it after lunch, both playing some aggressive shots. Katchay got a couple of lives from the Bermuda fielders, but was out for 29 when Stefan Kelly caught him on the deep square leg boundary. Henry Osinde came and went without troubling the scorers, sending a ball to Kelly in an almost identical position and Canada were all out for 151, meaning Bermuda were victorious by 106 runs.

Dwayne Leverock was the lead bowler for Bermuda again, taking 5 for 60 in 27 overs of work, giving him 10 overs in the match, and earning him Man of the Match honours. Rodney Trott chipped in 3 for 28 from 11.1 overs and Kelly took 2 for 36 from 15 overs of work. The final innings was a dominant performance from the Bermuda bowlers.

There were a few storylines in this match worth mentioning here. The first is the Canadian batting the problem is not in their ability to get their eye in with patience, it is in their looking to increase the scoring rate. They often fall prey to unnecessary shots, or are tempted into playing at balls that should be left alone. A second is Dwayne Leverock's ability to turn the ball on what was otherwise a flat pitch the man really knows how to tweak it, and you can see it in his figures.

The biggest factor in this game, however, was the fielding and fitness of the Bermuda players. They consistently cut off runs with their fielding and didn't drop many of the chances Canada provided them. Aggressive field setting from Irving Romaine meant that Canadian batsmen were often greeted by five men around the bat just waiting for the slightest mistake. Chris Foggo was the best of the bunch, spending his whole day at bat pad taking some abuse from the batsmen but making life miserable for them as well.

So ends a successful series for Bermuda and thus, a disappointing one for Canada. The visitors took the ODI series by 2 games to 1, and take full points in the Intercontinental Cup match as well. Bermuda will head home where they host Scotland in an Intercontinental Cup match next weekend, while Canada will have some time to lick their wounds and prepare for Scotland, who arrive here in King City for an Intercontinental Cup match starting 16 July.