It has not been an easy job for coach Peter Palle Klokker to chose his best team as several players are distressed by injury problems.

The squad is:

Frederik Klokker (capt. and Wkp) - Derbyshire
Bobby Chawla (vicecapt.) - Svanholm CC
Michael Pedersen - Herning
Carsten Pedersen - Skanderborg
Lars Hedegaard - Skanderborg
Morten Hedegaard - Skanderborg
Rizwan Mahmood - Skanderborg
Yasir Iqbal - KB
Thomas Hansen - Svanholm CC
David Borchersen - Glostrup
Max Overgaard - Svanholm CC
Henrik Saxe Hansen - Glostrup
Soren Vestergaard - Svanholm
Bashir Shah - AB

As said injuries are a problem and due to the deadline policy the Danish coach has had to gamble a bit in choosing a squad. Thomas Hansen is the main concern with Soren Vestergaard, who has made a fantastic comeback considering he was seriously ill last year. Bashir Shah is also a doubt but more from the fact that he hasn't played any cricket this year due to family problems in Pakistan. He will prove his worth in next week's matches against the MCC. Frederik is not available for theses matches which gives the other players a chance to show themselves off. Therefore has Peter Palle chosen a extra 4 players as backups for the present squad. Theses are Jakob Larse and Troels Thogersen from Herning, Rohit Kaniya and Mickey Lund from Svanholm.

There is no doubt that the Chamionships in Dublin is going to be a tough test for this side with 5 matches in a week. The Danish players, except Frederik and Michael, are not used to such a rigorous schedule. championships in the past always lead to injuries and this one week will be no exception with problems beforehand. The Danes will be crossing thier fingers.

Denmark will be playing 2 50 overs matches against the MCC next Wednesday and Thursday. The London club's tour will also include a match against the Danish under 19 side and a 20 bash against a Copenhagen Select XI . The two 50 overs matches will be played on Svanholm's grass wicket which has been a success this season in the Danish League. The pitch has been a batsmans wicket so far as rain has been rare this summer.

The MCC side is as follows:

D J Bicknell (cpt)
J E Vigar
M J Friedlander
R Rao
R J Holman
M J W Wright
J G Wilson
M C Lomas
J D Wilkins (wk)
W J F O'Driscoll
F L Jarvis
T J Cece