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Bermuda head to Canada today with a young and energetic squad as they prepare to play their hosts in three One Day Internationals at King City, Ontario.

The 14-man squad will have a bunch of new faces as injuries and work commitments have plagued the national team in their preparation for both this tour and the upcoming Intercontinental Cup match on local soil against Scotland.

"It has been a slow process, we are going to play against the odds as certain players can't get out of work to come with the team", said Bermuda skipper Irving Romaine. "O.J. Pitcher pulled out Monday as his groin hasn't fully healed, so we have called in Dennico Hollis.

"Also Stefan Kelly might not be able to be fit in time along with Kevin Hurdle who still hasn't fully recovered from injuries he is carrying.

"We are playing three ODI's against Canada and then come back to play Scotland in our Intercontinental Cup match, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

"Canada haven't put their side out just yet but from what we have heard they have six players returning from their world cup team, so it will be a strong outfit. Their experience will most likely be an advantage as we will have a lot of youth on our side."

The perception of blooding youth in meaningless matches is usually the case, however, Romaine is confident that the younger players in the side will showcase their skills.

"The King City wicket has a lot of bounce and is quite fast, so we are going over hoping not to pick up any more injuries as we are taking 14 players.

"We definitely are looking to the future, the youngsters are putting in their time in the nest and training, and add to this a lot of the senior players can't get off from the jobs and so forth.

"We are looking forward with the young players coming into the fold. In the end they have worked hard and deserve a chance to come into the side."

Domestic cricket on the Island has yet to get in the swing of open cricket. Yet with the four-day match against Scotland on the horizon, the players must shift their discipline from the 20/20 and 50 over matches they have been involved in thus far and apply themselves to the longer version.

"It will be an experience for the younger guys who have never played in a four-day match before, it is an unknown to them. It is a long game, and our biggest challenge will be to bat long.

"We have just finished the 20/20 league and are in the 50 overs currently, so batting for a day isn't quite in the system just yet.

"We have only had one weekend of open cricket, so a lot of the players haven't tuned into batting for long periods of time.

"But we had (James) Celestine scoring the fastest hundred thus far and Oronde Bascome along with Stephen Outerbridge scoring runs this weekend in open cricket, so we as a team are coming along in leaps and bounds and it will be exciting.

"It will be a little different for us, but hopefully we will adjust quickly and settle in nicely."

Some of the names to look out for in the near future are McLaren Smith and Tamauri Tucker, who as Romaine stated, have shown discipline and the willingness to learn the finer details of the game.

"All our young players have so far performed well domestically. We are expecting a few players to step to the forefront, such as promising fast bowler McLaren Smith. "Tamauri and Rodney Trott have been in the programme being professionals, and have not only picked their game up, but their fitness as well.

"Hopefully all this pays off when we go to Canada."

On the back of the Bermuda national football team getting praise from the country, Romaine hopes the public will come out to support cricket when the national team host Scotland from July 4th to July 7th as well.

"It has been football mania as of the last month or so and I feel for the footballers as I know how it is. When we went to the cricket World Cup, our supporters came in full support of us.

"Hopefully they don't face the backlash that the cricketers did when they have bad games after their initial success.

"We still haven't played on the square up at the National Stadium to really know how it is going to play. We will go into that game blind as will Scotland so it will be interesting."

Editor's Note: CricketEurope will be bringing our readers live coverage from Bermuda's matches on their Canadian tour. The ODIs are on the 28th and 29th of June and the 1st of July. The four-day Intercontinental Cup match starts on the 4th of July. Play starts at 10am local time, which is, 10am Bermuda time and 3pm UK time.