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Two months into the cricket season and the same old problems are still plaguing domestic cricket in Bermuda.

Poor facilities, abusive players and captains who do not know the laws of the game are just some of the complaints that umpires have made to the Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB) technical committee.

In a wide-ranging report on the start of the new season some of the more serious complaints on the umpires' list include:

  • Changing rooms littered by used syringes.
  • A rise in the level of foul and abusive language directed at players and umpires alike.
  • Aggressive appealing that borders on threatening behaviour.
  • A lack of respect from players and spectators.

Umpires have also reported continued poor time-keeping when it comes to the toss, meaning games often start and finish late, and there has also been a failure by many clubs to provide replacement balls.

The situation has got so bad that the BCB are now considering what sanctions they can take against the worst offenders.

"We will be writing to the clubs to remind them of the standards of behaviour that we expect in the game," said vice president Allen Richardson.

"If that doesn't work then we will publicly name and shame the clubs involved, telling the public exactly what has gone on.

"Our last resort will be to deduct points from a club if their behaviour does not improve."

Of particular concern to the board and umpires alike is the inability of some teams to be ready to complete the toss on time, namely 30 minutes before the start of play. The situation will be monitored further in the next two weeks, and if the situation does not improve, then a rule will be brought in whereby the toss will automatically be awarded to the team that is ready on time.

"We may just award the toss to the home team, but we have to do something," added Richardson.

"Maybe this will make the clubs sit up and take notice."

It isn't all bad news though.

Two clubs drew praise from the umpires for the dramatic improvement in their facilities. The Sea Breeze Oval at Bailey's Bay is described as being in 'excellent condition', after last year when it was apparently 'awful'.

Somerset were also praised for the improvement to their pitch since the start of the season.