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The Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB) have gone with a mix of youth and experience for this month's trip to Canada.

With disciplinary problems once again affecting the squad, coach Gus Logie and the selectors have decided the time has come to move on.

Youngsters McLaren Smith and Oronde Bascome come into the squad for the three One-Day Internationals and Intercontinental Cup matches in Toronto. However, Janeiro Tucker, Malachai Jones and Delyone Borden, who all featured in last year's World Cup, have been dropped after failing to turn up for training.

Their failure to again commit themselves to their country appears to have finally got too much for the BCB, although Jones announced some time ago he would not be available for selection.

Latest events were enough to test the selectors' resolve who are eager to instil a new sense of professionalism in the squad, and it is not a challenge that the selectors have backed away from.

"There are certainly one or two players that have been left out who would have made the team, had they come to training," said Lionel Thomas, chairman of selectors.

"But they didn't, and they knew what would happen. Once they didn't do that (come to training), I don't think they can have expected to be selected."

Jones, for one, has had a fairly tempestuous relationship with the Board and Logie in the past, and it remains to be seen whether he will be given another chance.

"Certain players have had plenty of chances in the past, and have been looked upon favourably, and invited back, but for some this is third or fourth time," said Thomas "There have been indiscretions in the past, but they were young and you think that hopefully they will have matured. But they haven't matured and they obviously have no inclination to play for their country.

"Then you have to concentrate on the ones that do put in the time and effort. We are not going to pick players just because they are seen as being good in the public's eye.

"They have to commit to a criteria and a structure that has been created for the national team, and if they don't, they won't play. There are plenty of players who are willing to put the time and effort in. As a board we may get some flak from the public, but if the public understood what went on, and understood the problems we faced, then they wouldn't give us any flak, they'd give it to the players."

With the rise of the likes of Rodney Trott, now the vice-captain, and Tamauri Tucker, the need for players such as Janiero Tucker, Jones and Borden diminishes. And while their international careers may not be over, it will take a lot of work for them to undo the damage they have inflicted on themselves.

"Who plays for Bermuda is a Board decision," said Thomas. "And we have the right to accept and deny those names that are presented to us."

Other players who have also been left out for failing to train are Azeem Pitcher, John Woolnough, Jacobi Robinson, Dion Stovell, Jason Anderson, Glenn Blakeney, Nakia Smith and Fique Crockwell.

Of those, Blakeney had already told the BCB that he would only be available to commit to the squad after the four-day game against Scotland in July, while Woolnough is leaving the Island to return to England.

As well as including Smith and Bascome for the first time, the selectors have also recalled George O'Brien, Ryan Steede, and OJ Pitcher for the trip to Canada which begins on the June 28 and runs until July 7.

Squad: I.Romaine (captain), R.Trott (v-captain), S.Outerbridge, J.Edness, S.Kelly, OJ Pitcher, D.Leverock, R.Steede, J.Celestine, M.Smith, T.Tucker, J.Robinson, G.O'Brien, O.Bascome, K.Hodsoll. Reserves: D.Hollis, C.Foggo, A.Pitcher.