Violence marred a match at the new Windsor park facility last weekend. St Agnes had scored 315 from their 50 overs and their opponents Castrol Commonwealth were on 104/1 when St Agnes players began throwing stones into an area where players, officials and spectators were seated. One player and one spectator were injured and reported the incident to the local police. The match was abandoned.


The Israel Cricket Association XI that will take on India A in July to celebrate Israel's 60th anniversary has begun to take shape. Former South African international Jonty Rhodes and former Dutch international Roland Lefebvre, as "supporters of cricket in Israel" will be joined by Jewish first-class cricketers from around the world.

These are Adam Bacher (South Africa), Steven Herzberg (Australia), Jason and Greg Molins (Ireland) and Bensiyon Songavkar (India). The remainder of the team will be Israel players.


The Vanuatu Cricket Association have announced a three year sponsorship deal with telecommunications company Digicel, who also sponsor the West Indies team. The Vanuatu national side will now officially be know as the "Digicel Vanuatu Cricket Team".

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