JCB logoHow popular is cricket in Jersey?
Cricket is played in both summers and winters in Jersey. In the summer, there are two divisions in the weekend leagues and three in the evening league together with a U/13 league. In the winter there are 3 divisions in the indoor league. There are approximately 30 clubs operating in these leagues.

What are your priorities in promoting and developing cricket as a game in your country?

Our priorities include developing cricket amongst young people and sustaining their development into adult cricket.

What challenges do you face in the growth of the game?
We have a limited population of 90,000 people and land for additional facilities is at a premium.

How much school cricket is available in your country to aid the future development of players?

90% of all our schools play cricket in one form or another. All senior schools play hardball cricket and there are 8 junior (U/11) teams playing hardball cricket.

What measures are being made to ensure the game is taken up by women as well in your country?
We provide coaching for girls in junior schools and some senior schools. There are two women's clubs established and MCC Ladies are touring Jersey this year. We are committed to supporting women's cricket.

How are your preparations for the ICC World Cricket League Division 5 progressing?
The arrangements are pretty much in place. Our squad has been working hard for several months and the recent arrival of our new coach, Peter Kirsten, has given added impetus to the preparations.

What are your expectations for the event and how far do you think you will be able to progress through the WCL structure?
We hope to do very well in Division 5 and will have a better idea after the tournament about our potential progress.

Do you think cricket in your country will be in a very different position to its current state in ten years time? What are the reasons for this?
The expansion of cricket in Jersey may be limited by the cost of land that might be required for additional facilities. This, allied to a population that is unlikely to grow, suggests that major expansion will be difficult. However the existing facilities, supported by our ICC funding, should remain at a high standard.

How exciting is it to be hosting the ICC World Cricket League Division 5?
The whole Island is excited by the prospect of international cricket being played in the Island and hosting teams from around the world. Support from the local government has been excellent and we look forward to a successful week.

Will home advantage be a big advantage for the event?
We hope so but we have no real idea about the opposition.