1. Our astro-turf wicket has turned out superbly, though there were some tough times constructing it. The first time we put it in, it had lots of "hollow spots", and we had to break whole of it up and repeat, buts by Gods Grace - the second time around, the bounce and pace is fantastic, and couple of friendly games we had on it had scores of over 160 on 20 overs!

2. We have also installed two practice wickets. We have tried practising on only one so far, and it has turned out superbly as well.

3. We also have plans in the pipeline to construct the same at Rift Valley Sports Club.

4. We intend to start the first 20/20 " Dr V.A.Patel memorial tournament" within the next two weeks or so, and the draw will be announced shortly.

5. We have had 8 teams confirmed to join the tournament.

6. To innovate the game, we have decided on colour clothing this time around for all teams - all 8 teams have been given a separate colour to wear (as the notice is short, if the teams manage coloured T shirts with white trouser, its o.k, but many will manage full coloured kit). Coloured pads will also be encouraged. We will be playing with white ball for the first time. Another first for this province.

7 .Each team player will from now onwards have his own RVCA identity card with his name, registration number and photo on a laminated card.

8. Just to add some more flavour, for a few games cheer leaders groups - like we have seen in the recent IPL league, will be used with music to increase the tempo of the game and bring in more spectators.

9. There is also a local cable operator that we are in negotiations with to show some of the games to local subscribers.

10. We intend to make a yearly 30 - 40 minute documentary of all the activities carried out by the RVCA. Currently, the DVD is being reviewed by the Chairman, and if he likes the concept and it is a success, then we will make one every year. It is a better way of archive than paper format and will have greater impact when dealing with the various Provincial/ District Sports officers.