Jason Molins may not be able to get a game for Ireland, but he will be playing an international of sorts when he turns out for an Israeli Invitation XI in a three match series against India A in July.

India A will be visiting Israel as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the country, and seven overseas based players will be playing for the Israel Invitation XI. South African former Test player Adam Bacher and former Dutch captain Roland Lefebvre are two of the more notable names in the seven, listed in full below:

Adam Bacher (ex South Africa)
Steve Herzberg (ex Tasmania/Western Australia)
Jon Moss (ex Derbyshire/Victoria)
Michael Klinger (Victoria)
Jason Molins (Ireland)
Greg Molins (ex Ireland)

Of those, Adam Bacher, Jon Moss and Michael Klinger all have previous experience of playing in Israel as part of their countries teams in the Maccabiah Games, an Olympic style event for Jewish athletes. They will be supplemented by local players.

Stanley Perlman, chairman of the Israel Cricket Association, said in the announcement on their website that this is "sensational news for Israeli cricket."