Associate Member Bermuda picked up two prizes in the ICC Development Program Annual awards, making it the big winner of this year's competition. It was awarded the Best Overall Cricket Development Program and the Photo of the year titled 'It's a Catch'.

A happy Reginald Pearman, President of the Bermuda Cricket Board, said: 'I am excited and proud that Bermuda cricket has won these distinguished awards, which confirm that we are making progress in the right direction when it comes to our strategic goals.

'I am particularly pleased with the growth in our junior membership and the fact that our women's team participated in the ICC Women's World Cup Qualifier in Stellenbosch and our youngsters appeared in the ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup in Malaysia makes me even more proud.'

Jos Heggleman won the Volunteer of the Year Award for his outstanding contribution to the game in The Netherlands while the Hong Kong Cricket Association won the Best Cricket Promotion and Marketing Award for the Hong Kong Cricket Sixes.

Cricket Indonesia's Tetrapak Under 19 Development Program was declared the Best Junior Cricket Initiative program.

Deutscher Cricket Bund did well in the Global Awards, picking up the Best Women's Cricket Initiative prize for its U/19 Women's Tournament in Oldenburg, Germany.

The best Spirit of Cricket Initiative in Partnership with UNAIDS was won by the Mozambique Cricket Federation's National Commission for School Cricket.

John Wright of Ireland and Laurie Pieters of Namibia won Lifetime Service Awards for their long and dedicated service to cricket development not only in their home countries, but also internationally, given both have served on several ICC committees.

Wright, the Honorary Secretary of the Irish Cricket Union for 10 years until stepping down this year, said: 'I am extremely delighted to receive this award. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in cricket and I must admit that it is very pleasing to be acknowledged and honoured for your services.

'It has been a privilege to be part of the ICC Development Program and I wish it best of luck in the future'

ICC President Ray Mali, who served as one of the four global judges alongside Ehsan Mani (Past ICC President), Malcolm Gray (Past ICC President) and Keith Bradshaw (MCC Chief Executive and Secretary), said: 'This whole process has shown once again the outstanding work being done in the development of cricket around the world.

'It was immensely difficult to select the winners but those lucky enough to be chosen reflect the contributions they have made to our wonderful worldwide sport. Everyone involved, winners and those not chosen, deserve immense credit for their efforts.'

The ICC Development Program Annual Awards, which began in 2002, promote excellence in cricket development and recognises exceptional performance and service to the game in the ICC's 91Associate and Affiliate Members.

The Global winners: