To put it mildly, it has been a rough two months for the citizens of Nakuru, scene of some of the worst outbreaks of violence after the disputed election. With so much political and social turmoil in the region, it has been no surprise that the Rift Valley Cricket Association, who are based in Nakuru, have seemingly been very quiet of late.

While no cricket has been played recently, that does not mean that the organization has been resting idle. Instead they have been planning for the future and with peace finally being restored, they are now able to begin putting some of those plans into action. One of the most important steps to be taken is the installation of an Astro turf wicket at the Nakuru Athletics Club. Previously, only Greensteds School had one in the region and it will enable a much more even playing surface for the Rift's cricketers than wickets that are so easily chewed up by the other sports that use the ground.

The other main focus for the RVCA is to continue the expansion of cricket in the area through its schools program and to this end equipment was donated to three schools that have been shortlisted for development in Nakuru. Melvin Jones School and Menengai High School have both previously been incorporated in the RVCA competitions and will be joined in 2008 by a combination team from St Joseph and Harambee Schools.

Long term, the plan is to bring through the players from the school teams into the senior teams in the region and in time to provide more and more players to the Elite Leagues introduced by Cricket Kenya. So far, only one player from the Rift Valley region has been selected fro the 2008 competition, but by increasing the number of players in Nakuru and the surrounding areas and giving them the appropriate coaching and opportunity, RVCA hope to bring more of them up to the standard required to play at the top level in Kenya.

On the cricket front too, things are on the move with the RVCA season due to get under way with the Dr Lion V.A Patel Memorial 20-20 Tournament. Depending on the start date for the tournament - security is still not 100% in the area and curfews still remain in place, it is intended for the tournament to be run as a league, with a possible semi finals and finals. Full details and the draw will be released closer to the time.