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Bermuda's humbling nine-wicket Stanford 20/20 defeat to Guyana ignited a public outcry yesterday, with former players, umpires, administrators and fans angrily voicing their frustrations over the Island team's dismal performance.

After being sent in to bat, Bermuda were skittled out for a new tournament low of 62, with only opener David Hemp managing double figures.

It was the second time Bermuda, who have yet to post triple digits in the popular tournament, have held the dubious distinction.

Yesterday, members of the local cricket fraternity expressed exactly what they felt about Bermuda's sub-par performance, with some going as far as to call for heads to roll at Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB).

"This was a national embarrassment. We need to take that team and put them out to pasture when they return home. Don't even think about playing them any more. This was disgusting," vented local sports historian Warrington (Soup) Zuill.

Former Somerset Cup Match skipper Dexter Basden called for heads to roll on the Board's selection committee.

"Fire them all! I just don't understand the selection process . . . it seems as though we are going backwards," he argued. "Apart from Hemp we played no attacking shots. Right down to the last over we were poking the ball.

"This was hopeless. I was disgusted and it seems we have gone backwards. We looked the pits, really disgraceful."

Top umpire Randy Butler also lashed out over the team's subdued showing.

"From what I saw I wondered what these guys were thinking about because there was no approach to the game whatsoever," he said. "I didn't even see one Bermuda batsmen take a swipe, not even Lionel Cann.

"Nobody was able to get the ball away. I couldn't believe my eyes."

Neither could former St. George's Cup Match star Dennis Wainwright who was also left with a bitter taste in the mouth.

"This result was very disheartening . . . it really put you in a bad state, it was just humiliating," he said. "Once Hemp got out I knew it was going to be all over because he was the only stroke-player in the team.

"This game isn't only about hitting sixes . . . it's about strokeplay. You have to play the strokes and take the ones, twos and occasional fours and sixes when the opportunity presents itself. But apart from Hemp, we didn't have any other stroke-players."

Former St.George's team-mate Cal (Bummy) Symonds had also pinned his hopes on Glamorgan skipper Hemp.

"I was praying for Hemp to bat out the 20 overs, but unfortunately he got out," he said.

When asked to share his thoughts on the match, a disturbed Symonds replied: "I'd rather not comment on how I really feel about Bermuda's performance. But I think it's time to focus on our Under-19s instead because they have better technique and we need to invest more in our future."

Hall of Fame cricketer Lloyd James, lamented: "I am so disappointed because everything we old cricketers built up these guys are letting it tumble. The guys didn't have a clue against the spin."

Winnie Jones, grandmother of Under-19 cricketer Malachi Jones, said: "It was terrible. I just can't understand it."

Well-known columnist George (Recman) Holdipp, scolded: "This is ridiculous. It was the most pathetic performance and we should be hanging our heads in shame."