The wealthy Formula One circuit will be coming to Singapore for the first time this year, for the first ever night race on the calendar. And with a strong demand for corporate hospitality suites around the track on the small island city state, the Singapore Cricket Club could be in line to benefit.

The club's ground is along side the track, and the upper terrace is an ideal vantage point, and the organisers of the race are intending to charge S$7,000 per head to sit in the terrace, which will be able to seat 300 people. S$7,000 is approximately US$5,000 or 2,500.

Whilst the deal isn't done just yet, with club president Anwarul Haque saying "No timeline has been fixed but they have made offers to us. They have given us various options and we are considering it. But we are nowhere near concluding it... the door is still open for negotiations," the potential for Singaporean cricket to benefit from the race is enormous. Even if they take only a 10% cut of the tickets, that would still be an income of US$150,000.