CricketEurope Christmas Quiz

We have five book prizes to give away in our festive quiz - send your answers to Competition closes on Sunday January 6th.

  1. Who was the second player to achieve a hat trick for Ireland?
  2. Who plays at Moylena?
  3. What father and son have both kept wicket for Ireland?
  4. Who is the only Irish batsman to have hit 2 centuries in a match?
  5. Which Irish Cricket Union President scored 101 centuries in Leinster cricket?
  6. Who plays at Linzee Gordon Park?
  7. How many players have won a full Scotland cap whilst playing for Strathmore?
  8. How many times has Greenock won the Scottish Cup?
  9. How many players have been capped for Scotland?
  10. What is the distinction William Nicholson has playing for Scotland?
  11. Who recorded the first double century in Dutch domestic cricket?
  12. Which Dutch player wore the shirt number 69 in the 2007 World Cup?
  13. Who captained Australia to defeat against The Netherlands in Den Haag in 1964?
  14. Which former Dutch international was born in Barbados?
  15. Who was the last player to take all ten wickets in an innings in the Hoofdklasse?
  16. In what year was the first first-class match played in Uganda, and which two teams were involved?
  17. Which Chilean international played for Somerset?
  18. Who became the first Afghani to play first-class cricket when he played for the MCC against Sri Lanka A this year?
  19. Which Fijian international has played for Australia Under-19s?
  20. Which Irish international later captained France?