Lionel CannBermuda's Lionel Cann has been banned for two ODIs after being found guilty of breaching the ICC Code of Conduct during his team's three-wicket defeat to Kenya in Nairobi on Saturday. Match referee Mike Procter of the Emirates Elite Panel found the 35-year-old all-rounder guilty of clause 2.1, which refers to "Showing serious dissent at an umpire's decision.'

The decision was communicated to Mr Cann after the third ODI between the two sides, also in Nairobi on Sunday.

The offence occurred when the player stood his ground for an extended period of time after being given out LBW and only left the field after being forced to do so by his captain. He continued to show his dissent by smashing a refuse bin as he walked towards the dressing room and then shouted in the dressing room so loudly he could be heard outside.

Mr Procter said: "This ban should serve as a message to players that this type of behaviour is not allowed. Such acts are completely unacceptable and on that basis I found the player guilty of the Level 2 offence.

'Cricket is a sport which teaches us discipline and respect for an umpire's decision. Anyone associated with this game has to respect its values and Laws and anyone being disrespectful has to be penalized. (Team manager) Mr Tannock apologized on behalf of Mr Cann and said he was very disappointed with Mr Cann acting in that way. However, Mr Cann has let his team and his followers down with his actions today."

All Level 2 breaches carry a minimum penalty of 50 per cent of a player's match fee and a maximum penalty of their full match fee and/or a ban of one Test match or two ODIs. Players found guilty of a Level 2, 3 or 4 offence have a right of appeal. Such an appeal must be lodged in writing with the ICC's legal counsel within 24 hours of the player receiving the original verdict.

The hearing, which was held on Saturday evening, was attended by the player as well as Mr Tannock, captain Irving Romaine, on-field umpires Ian Howell of the Emirates International Panel, Buddhi Pradhan of the Associate and Affiliate International Panel and third umpire Moses Owesi.

The full ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Officials can be found at