The Canadian men's cricket team leaves for matches in Kenya and Namibia on Sunday (October 7). Several changes were necessary from the original squad named by the Canadian Cricket Association. The final squad contains mostly players from Ontario, more specifically from the Toronto and District Cricket Association (T&DCA).

Two of the three Quebec Cricket Federation (QCF) players in the squad, Qaiser Ali and Abdul Jabbar Chaudhrey have appeared for Overseas CC in the T&DCA this season. Ali and Jabbar normally play for QCF champions Adastrians. Krunalbhai Patel is the third QCF player in the squad.

Pubudu Dassanayake is the coach. The team is captained by Sunil Dhaniram (Cavaliers) with Ali as vice-captain.

The team plays ICC Intercontinental Cup matches with Kenya in Nairobi (Oct 12-15) and Namibia in Windhoek (Oct 25-29). Three ODIs are set for consecutive days in Nairobi on Oct 17, 18 and 19. This is a heavy schedule and allows little time for acclimatizing or resting between matches.

Some of the withdrawals from the side originally named by the Canadian Cricket Association reflect the fact that some players were not confirmed as available before the squad was made public. Some of the replacements were also not pre-advised. At least one of the players did not know where Namibia is. He then seemed to know it under an old colonial name.

What price player relations?


Ontario-based (all play for T&DCA clubs) Sunil Dhaniram (captain), Ashif Mulla, Trevin Bastiampillai, Mohammed Iqbal, Umar Bhatti, Henry Osinde, Jason Patraj, Aftab Shamshudeen, Durand Soraine, Calvert Hooper, Arvind Kandappah.

Quebec-based: Qaiser Ali (vice-captain), Abdul Jabbar Chaudrey and Krunalbhai Patel.