The domestic cricket season in several parts of Canada is approaching its climax. Most leagues conclude during September. Some use the regular season standings to determine the champion club, but others have playoffs.

In British Columbia and Alberta, league champions from different leagues play-off to decide the provincial champion. Ontario introduced an end-of-season play-off last year.

In British Columbia the winner of the Victoria and District Cricket Association (VDCA) plays the winner of the Premier Division of the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League (BCMCL) to decide the Tomalin Cup. Salim Akbar of the BCMCL won last year.

The Tahir Cup is awarded in Alberta to the winner of the match between champion clubs of the Calgary and District Cricket League, and the Edmonton and District Cricket League. Predators (CDCL) won last year's Alberta Championship. Young Malton of the Etobicoke & District Cricket League won last year's Ontario Championship playoffs.

The John Ross Robertson Trophy is awarded to the Champion amateur club of Canada. However, since 1982 it has been contested in East and West sections with an overall playoff only in certain years. Yorkshire CC (Toronto and District Cricket Association) and Predators (Calgary and District Cricket League) won the East and West sections, respectively, of the John Ross Robertson Trophy in 2007, after winning league titles in 2006. There was a claim that an overall playoff would take place this year, but nothing concrete has transpired to date.

Victoria and District Cricket Association (British Columbia)

The regular season standings in the Weekend League sees Colts (Played 13, won 9) well ahead of Cowichan (Played 13, won 7), Carico (played 13, won 7) and Albion (Played 13, won 6). Colts record of 9 wins in 13 matches results translates into an 81.8% success, with the next three sides having between 53.85% and 50% success.

Metchosin (P 13, W 4, 41.7%), Incogs (P 14, W 6, 29.2%), Alcos (P 13, W 6, 25.0%) and Oak Bay (P 14, W 2, 16.7%) complete the standings.

The VDCA also operates a mid-week league, that is entering the play-off phase.

British Columbia Mainland Cricket League

Meraloma top the BCMCL Premier Division with a record of 11 wins from 16 matches. This translates into an 84.6% record. Salim Akbar (P 16, W 9, 69.2%) and Richmond (P 17, W 10, 66.7%) follow in second and third places. West Vancouver (P16, W 8, 53.8%) and Pakcan (P16, W 7, 50%) are battling for fourth place. Windies have struggled to a 26.7% record (P17, W 4) with Surrey City floundering with no wins from 16 games.

Divisions 1 thru 4 of the BCMCL each has ten teams. Division 5 is split into two conferences, one with ten teams and the other with eight.

Ismaili (P 16, W 13, 92.9%) heads Division 1 from Meraloma II (P 16, W 10, 76.9%). Burrard (P 16, W 11, 84.6) is being closely chased by Salim Akbar II (P 16, W 10, 83.3) in Division 2. Richmond IV has a 100% winning record for completed matches in Division 3. Richmond has had three abandoned matches in a record of P 16, W 13, 100%. Arbutus (P 16, W 10, 76.95) is in second place.

Division 4 is being hotly contested between Bengal Tigers (P 17, W 11, 73.3), Burrard II (P 17, W 11, 66.9%) and Surrey Stars (P 16, W 8, 66.7%). Surrey Stars II (P 16, W 12, 85.7%) leads Conference A of Division 5 from Abbotsford III (P17, W 12, 75.0%. Fraser Valley Dragons II (P16, W 12, 80.0%) leads Brockton Point III (P 16, W 10, 71.4%) in Conference B.

Calgary and District Cricket League (Alberta)

CanAsia (P 9, W 6, 36 points) and St John's (P 10, W 6, Pts 36) head the seven team Premier Division in Calgary, followed by Predators (P 9, W 5, Pts 33) and Crown (P 9, W 5, Pts 33). Cavaliers I (P 9, W3 , Pts 18) and United (P , W3 , Pts 18) are contesting 5th place. Cavaliers II foot the division with just 1 win and 6 points from 9 games. Predators won the league in 2006.

Blackhawks (P 9, W 6, Pts 36) top the six team Division One from Star XI (P 8, W 4, Pts 24). Division Two has 7 teams, lead by Pearson Patriots (P 10, W 7, Pts 42) and Glenmore (P 11, W 6, Pts 36).

Edmonton and District Cricket League (Alberta)

Positions in this league are determined by average points per game. Victoria Park (P 11, W 7, Ave 4.20) top the league, followed by Elites (P 11, W 6, Ave 4.00). Millwoods are third (P 11, W 5, Ave 3.33) and Gujarat (P11, W 5, Ave 3.00). Completing the 7-team Premier Division are Edmonton CC (P 11, W 4, Ave 2.40), Scona (P 10, W 3, Ave 2.0) and Greenfield (P 11, W 3, Ave 2.0).

Zain Ahmed, named in Canada's squad to play in Kenya and Namibia in October, heads the batting averages with 277 runs from 6 completed innings at an average of 46.17 runs per innings.

Rising Stars heads the seven team First Division, followed by Edmonton 'B', Combined Schools and Spartans. Rising Stars has won 9 of 11 games. The subsequent trio each has 6 wins from 11 matches.

Saskatchewan Cricket Association

Saskatoon CC won 3 of its 4 league games, losing once to PCCR. Results of matches between the Regina-based PCCR and ICCC are not at hand.

Manitoba Cricket Association

Pakistan (P 7, W 5, Pts 40) and India XI (P 6, W 5, Pts 40) lead the MCA Division 1. Winnipeg Juniors (P 7, W 4, Pts 32) and Lions (P 6, W 4, Pts 32) are battling for third place in the regular standings. Cosmos and All India have both gained 24 points via 3 wins from 6 games. Pakistan II are in 7th place (P 7, W 2, Pts 16) with Bloomfield in the basement (P 7, W 0, Pts 0).

Division Two is lead by Seahawks (P 7, W 5, Pts 40) from Bengal Tigers (P 6, W 4, Pts 32), Bharat (P 6, W 3, Pts 24) and Manitoba Cricket Association Under-19's (P 7, W 3, Pts 24). Lions II and Eldorado complete this division. Both has a record of P 6, W 2, Pts 16.

Toronto and District Cricket Association (Ontario)

The Toronto and District Premier Division comprises twelve teams divided into two conferences.

Leading the Pompey Conference are Toronto CC (P 15, W 10, Pts 66), Overseas (P 15, W 9, Pts 57), Brampton Masters (P 12, W 7, Pts 52) and Cavaliers (P 13, W 6, Pts 45). Victoria Park (P 12, W 2, 27 pts) and West Indian CC (P 12, W 3, 24 pts) complete this section.

Yorkshire (P 14, W 9, Pts 54) and Vikings (P 14, W 7, Pts 54) are challenging for top spot in the Ward Conference, ahead of Centurions (P 14, W 6, Pts 49). Canada Under23 (P 14, W 2, Pts 21), Malton (P 12, W 2, Pts 18) and Grace Church (P 13, W 2, Pts 15) complete this conference.

Premier Division matches are scheduled for Maple Leaf CC (King City) and G Ross Lord Park (Toronto) over the coming Labour Day weekend on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Sept 3).

T&DCA Division 1 has four conferences, each with 6 teams. Division Two has two conferences, each with 9 clubs and Division Three has four conferences, each with 8 teams.

Etobicoke and District Cricket League (Ontario)

The Etobicoke and District League has 12 Premier Division teams divided into two conferences. The Persaud Conference has the two sides with the best records so far this season: Heartlake (P 12, W 9, Pts 114) and Calypso (P 11, W 9, Pts 101). Brampton United (P 13, W 7, Pts 88) are third, well ahead of United (P 13, W 4, Pts 57), KVSS (P 13, W 3, Pts 38) and York Central (P 10, W 2, Pts 26).

Elmbank (P 11, W 6, Pts 83) leads the Morgan Conference from Malton Sports Club (P 11, W 6, Pts 78). BSCC (P10, W6) and GTSC (P 12,W 6) each has 70 points. Bramalea is 5th (P 12 W 5, Pts 63) with PCA in bottom place (P 10, W 1, Pts 12 ).

Divisions One thru Four of the Etobicoke and District Cricket League each has two conferences of 6 teams. Division Five has one conference of seven clubs and one with six clubs.

Hamilton and District Cricket League (Ontario)

Crescent (P 7, W 7, Pts 70) leads the Hamilton and District Cricket League from St Catherines (P 8, W 6, Pts 60). Hamilton CC is in third spot (P 7, W 3, Pts 30). The top four teams in the standings go on to the semi-finals (September 8th). The final spot would go to one of Mississauga Ramblers (P 6, W 1, Pts 15), Cambridge (P5 W 1 Pts 15) or Brantford (P7, W 1, Pts 10). The play-off final is due on Sunday September 9th.

Southern Ontario Cricket Association (Ontario)

Waterloo Sunrise Browne was due to play either Cavaliers or Kaiteur in the Southern Ontario Cricket Association championship on August 25.

Published records for the regular season show Waterloo Sunrise Browne (P 10, W 9, Pts 76) lead Cavaliers (Windsor) (P 9, W 7, Pts 60) and Kaiteur (P 10, W 7, Pts ). Windsor (P 9, W 5, Pts 40), Waterloo Sunrise Rowe (P 10, W 4, Pts 32) and Windsor YCC (P 9, W 3, Pts 28) round out the active teams.

There seems to be mixed success in this league. The top three teams have good playing records, Waterloo Sunrise is thriving with two teams in the SOCA league, but the new Islanders team from London (Ontario) and Cambridge Sports have defaulted on most matches. The Cambridge side shows one win from ten matches, a walkover against Islanders. Islanders have no points from 9 matches.

The SOCA season ends with a 20/20 competition on the weekend of September 8th and 9th. A Knock-out Cup takes place, with quarter-finals on September 15th, semi-finals on September 16th and the final on September 22nd.

Ottawa Valley Cricket Council (Ontario)

The main league championship is the Challenge Cup, which has 7 teams. Most teams are in the Ottawa area with one outlying club in Kingston. Canterbury (P 9, W9, Pts 44) and Defence (P 10, W 7, Pts 36) top the standings. They are followed by New Edinburgh (P 10, W 7, Pts 32), Christ Church Cathedral (P 8 , W 3, Pts 17), Kingston (P 11, W 3, Pts 15) Exodus-BelAir (P 9, W 2, Pts 12), and Ottawa (P 11, W 1, Pts 7).

The Final of the Challenge Cup is scheduled for September 23rd. The Knock-out Cup Final rounds off the season in the Ottawa Valley on September 29th.

Eight teams compete in the Grade B Citizen (Trophy). Exodus-Belair B (P 12, W 10, Pts 40) heads Defence (P12, W 8, Pts 32) and Canterbury (P 12, W 7, Pts 30). The eight teams in this division include Ottawa Valley CC Juniors.

Ontario Cricket - Unaffiliated Leagues

Canadian Commonwealth Cricket Association of Toronto

The regular season in the Canadian Commonwealth C.A. is set to end on Septermber 16. Six teams progress to the playoffs in each of the three divisions.

Jays Auto (P 14, W 8, Pts 96) leads Heritage (P 14, W 7, Pts 91) at the top of the Premier Division. Three teams follow in the standings with between 77 and 79 points (Windies SC 79 pts, Georgetown 78 pts and Apollo 77 pts). Apollo (P 12, W 6, Pts 77) has two games in hard over Windies and Georgetown. Guyanese SC (P 12, W 5 Pts 67) and La Club Sports (P 13, W 5, Pts 67) are still in the hunt for a playoff sport. CriAsiaBEffort (P 13, W 3, Pts 44) seem out of contention.

The First Division is divided into two conferences, each with six teams. Brampton Masters (P13, W 10, Pts 111) leads the Hanraj Conference from Avengers/Indo-Pak CC (P 12, W 7, Pts 82). Stallions XI (P 12, W 7, Pts 84) and Falcon21 (P 12, W 7, Pts 78) top the Ross Conference.

Etobicoke Eagles (P 17, W 12, Pts 139) leads the seven-team Second Division from Stallions/Atlantic CC (P 15, W 11, Pts 128) and MCC CC (P 17, W 11, Pts 124).

Scarborough Cricket Association

The ten team Premier Division is divided into two five-team conferences. Scarborough CC (P 11, W 7, Pts 51) leads Lawrence CC (P 10 W 5, Pts 40) in one conference, with B4U East-West (P 10, W 7, Pts 63) ahead of Bawa XI (P10, W 7, Pts 52) in the other. The Premier regular season wraps up on September 9.

Youngstar (P12, W 9, Pts 66) leads Gujarat/Baroda (P10, W 6, Pts 55) in one of the two Division One conferences. APM CC (P11, W 7, Pts 55) leading B4U/East-West B (P9, W 5, Pts 41) in the other conference. Toronto Knights (P 10, W 6, Pts 49) leads its conference in Division Two, followed by Falcons (P 9, W 4, Pts 33). Star CC (P11, W 9, Pts 66) has a big lead over IMS (P 11, W 5, Pts 45) in the other section of Division Two.

Division One has ten clubs. Division Two has eleven.

Quebec Cricket Federation/Federation Quebecoise du Cricket

Adastrians (P 12, W 10) and PakCan (P12, W10) are battling for the Premier Division championship in Quebec, just ahead of AAT Sports Club (P 12 W9, 1 Abandoned match). There are four more rounds of league matches to play.

The final rounds of League matches in the Premier Division are set for Saturday September 15th and Sunday September 16th. The Senior Divisions A and B conclude the following weekend.

The Knockout Cup Final is set for Labour Day weekend (Sept 1-3). The Premier Division version has previously been played as a 3-day match, but this year changes to a best of 3 one-day games series.

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Four teams from these eastern Canadian Provinces play competitive matches, according to information previously received.