I would welcome one of the Vice-Presidential and upwards layers of the CCA Executive to articulate which CCA officer or designate was responsible for each of the home international matches at senior, junior and women's levels this season.

A valiant few in Canadian cricket are pressing for improved playing and facility standards, as well as to promote the sport. The CCA President was happy to pose in a team photo for the CEO team that was to meet the Toronto Mayor's XI at a reception earlier this summer. He then failed to take his place on the field when the CEO's team played in the CIMA Celebrity Cricket match on the Saturday.

Some people wonder why Canadian cricket does not get more media coverage. The captain of the CEO team was the Publisher and CEO of ‘The Globe and Mail'. CEO's heading some major Canadian companies or the Canadian operational arm of a global company. Still, CTV, part of the BellCTVGlobemedia conglomerate was present on Monday. The battle to promote Canadian cricket will be won, somehow! Its too good a game to be lost forever.

What influx of immigrants will be the new driving force to revive cricket in 10-20 years time if youngsters are not provided appropriate opportunities to play and enjoy the game? Nomads from the Sahara lands? Pacific Islanders?

Last week's CityTv young sportsperson of the week in the Toronto area went to an Indian traditional sports participant who only needs a pair of shorts to compete. A high proportion of Canada's South Asians are reportedly at the poor end of the food-chain. Are the parents likely to be spending $300 on a cricket bat for a child? Bats, batting helmets, gloves and pads do not grow on trees.