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Two of the 13 clubs reps who apparently endorsed a letter sent to Bermuda Cricket Board demanding an emergency meeting have claimed they were misled by the rebellion's leaders and have subsequently withdrawn their support.

Western Stars president Denise Hollis, pictured right, said yesterday she had 'no idea' that the group led by Devonshire Rec's Ellsworth Christopher and former BCB president Ed Bailey were going to go so far in their opposition to the current BCB administration and wouldn't have volunteered her signature if she had been given the long list of grievances which is now in the Board's possession.

'They did not give me all the information at the time I thought we were getting together to discuss a few concerns,' she said.

'I signed my name in good faith. But I had no idea it was going to go this far. I would not have supported it if I'd have known.

'I wasn't even at the meeting (between the Board and rebels on Tuesday) and I want to distance myself from them because I don't agree with a lot of things they are saying.'

Meanwhile, Police Cricket Club's representative at that meeting, who did not wish to be named, said he thought he was merely signing an attendance register for the get-together which was held between the 13 clubs in mid-June.

'I went along to that meeting basically to see what they were all about,' the Police spokesman said.

'I told them at the time that I could not endorse anything that came out of that meeting because I had to go back to my club and discuss it with them.

'I signed what I was told was an attendance register, and next thing I know my name and the Police Cricket Club are being associated with something I told them I couldn't endorse.

'They've been very under-handed in the way they've gone about things and while I do have some sympathy with some of their concerns, I'm withdrawing my support for them. There's a right and wrong way to go about things and I'm not comfortable with the way they are operating.'

The Royal Gazette also learned yesterday that three clubs Somerset, Warwick and Leg Trappers were never approached by the rebel group and knew nothing about the initial meeting.