Ireland Squad Issue Statement Over Media Protest

The Ireland squad have issued a short statement in response to recent media reports following their decision to refuse all media requests after their One Day International victory over The Netherlands. Only coach Phil Simmons spoke to the press in the aftermath of Ireland's one run win at Stormont.

A team spokesperson said, "It was with great reluctance that the squad decided to take this particular course of action. Nobody has done more during the last 6 months in the promotion of Irish cricket than the team. During and after the World Cup, the team has been on call to the World media at all times and have gone beyond the call of duty in our quest to put Irish cricket on the map."

"Despite reports to the contrary, this is not 'a misunderstanding' between ourselves and the Irish Cricket Union. We have tabled 4 or 5 issues over the past 4 months, and these have still to be resolved. This is our attempt to move things along and hopefully speed things up. We have been extremely patient with the Union, but the current delay is totally unacceptable."

"We haven't been getting the rewards for the effort we've been putting in over a long period of time. We'd like to emphasise that this isn't just about money - while that's obviously important, there are other matters which need to be resolved, and despite meetings with the ICU, little or no progress has been made."

"The team would like these issues resolved and hopefully by taking this stand, it will speed up the process. We feel we deserve better for our efforts than we are currently getting from the Union. We'd like to stress that we all love playing for our country and we will continue to represent Ireland with total pride and commitment - anybody who saw the game with the Netherlands today will bear testament to that."

Hopefully the matter will be dealt with as quickly as possible to the satisfaction of both parties. Ireland are in action again at the weekend when they play West Indies at Clontarf on Saturday, and Scotland on Sunday at Stormont.