Jeremy Bray was left out of the Ireland squad for next week's quadrangular tournament in Dublin and Belfast because he had not contacted the National Coach, Phil Simmons.

Although Bray appeared not to know that the games against the Netherlands, West Indies and Scotland were taking place next week, starting on Wednesday against the Dutch, the arrangement is that the former Eglinton opening batsman would inform Simmons, as chairman of selectors, when he is ready to return to the international scene. He has not played for Ireland since scoring 146 in the Inter-Continental Cup final against Canada six weeks ago.

"I have golfers elbow, anyway, so I would probably have been ruled out by injury" said Bray yesterday, after the announcement of a 13-man squad which includes 10 of the players on duty at the World Cup.

"A return to the team for the Inter-Continental Cup game (against Scotland at Stormont, starting on August 9) is a possibility because you don't have to throw as many balls in a four-day game.

"I am continuing to play club cricket (for The Hills) because there is a lot less demands on the body than in international cricket where I wouldn't be able to hide in the field."

Bray denies that his continuing absence from the team has anything to do with his recent comments, reported in a Sunday newspaper, that it is costing him money to play cricket for Ireland and the Irish Cricket Union's 'joke' efforts to move towards a professional footing.

"That's definitely not the reason. No matter how big a shambles they are making it wouldn't stop me playing. I am not training enough, there is too much travelling (from his home in Kilkenny) plus the financial costs and I want to spend more time with my family," he said.

Whether the 33 year old has played his last game for Ireland, however, could be out of his hands. He acknowledges it himself when he says he hasn't but quickly adds: "I wouldn't like to think so."

Apart from Bray the only other player from the World Cup squad not selected for the games against the Netherlands at Stormont, the West Indies in Clontarf next Saturday and the Scots the following day back in Belfast, is the injured Boyd Rankin, still a month away from match fitness.

Back in the fold after putting county before country, however, is Middlesex batsman Eoin Morgan and Bray is the 20 year's old biggest supporter.

"I can perfectly understand Moggy's position. He is trying to make a living and he's not going to make it waiting for money from the ICU. He is contracted to play for Middlesex but he still wants to play for Ireland.

"Until the ICU sort out the financial issues you can't blame him for the stance he is taking and until it is sorted out, Ireland will lose their best players and they may not even qualify for the next World Cup," said Bray.

For the moment, though, it is a warning from the outside and a player with 72 caps but apparently not in a hurry to return to the fray.