Last years successful Stanford 20/20 tournament will be held again in January/February next year.

In addition to various West Indies islands, several ICC associate and affiliate members in the region will also take part. Bermuda, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands all played last year, and they will be joined by Cuba and the Turks and Caicos Islands for the 2008 tournament.

Like last time, the tournament will be in a single elimination knock-out event, with the winners taking home a million US dollars. Teams participating will receive a total of $280,000 to help their preparations for the tournament, with the exception of Cuba. Tournament organiser Allen Stanford is American, and hence policies of the US government prevent him from having dealings with Cuba, so he has said he will be helping Cuban cricket in other ways for what will be their first ever international event.

It was hoped that the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico could be added to the list of teams for 2008, but there participation has been deferred until 2009 to allow them to develop to the stage where they can field a team of local nationals.

Schedule for ICC associate and affiliate members

25th January: St Marrten v Cuba
26th January: St. Lucia v Cayman Islands
29th January: Turks and Caicos Islands v Montserrat
6th February: Jamaica v Bahamas
10th February: Guyana v Bermuda