The ICC has finally reached its century today, after some time in the nervous 90s. And like a batsman should do, they forgot the nerves and brought up their ton with a glorious four to take them to 101.

The four in this case consists of Cameroon, the Falkland Islands, Peru and Swaziland all being granted affiliate membership, the Africa and Americas regions both increasing by two members. In addition, Jersey was promoted to associate membership, becoming the eleventh European associate.

Of these countries, Peru have experience of international cricket, playing in the South American championship earlier in this year. As a British overseas territory who's inhabitants are almost all of UK descent, the Falkland Islands are possibly the strongest of the four on paper.

Best of luck to the four new members, and also to Jersey, who will be hoping to start their associate membership with promotion from Division Five of the World Cricket League when they host the event in May 2008.