It is astonishing that RTE, BBC Northern Ireland, UTV, TG4 and TV3 all turned down free highlights packages of the Stormont Future Cup series.

RTE had tried hard to secure highlights of the World Cup after Ireland reached the SuperEights stage, only to find their way blocked. So it was strange that the station has so rapidly lost interest in the game that it wouldn't take a package provided by the organisers.

The station showed 11 hours and 40 minutes of sport last weekend - including a highlights programme of a Grand Prix earlier shown live - so surely 30 minutes could have been found.

The games are being shown live on Setanta Sports, and in the UK on Zee TV, with stations in Australia, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Malaysia also tuning in.

As we keep pointing out, its now 27 years since live cricket appeared on RTE. Maybe the 12,500 active cricketers - and thousands more supporters - don't pay their licence fee?