Hong Kong Women, who were on the receiving end of some thrashings by Pakistan last year, dished out one of their own in Shenzhen, China yesterday, beating China by ten wickets in the first cricket match between China and Hong Kong representative sides.

China, playing only their second ever match after a Sixes match against Scotland last year, won the toss and chose to bat. It was the wrong decision for any fans who watched the historic contest.

Whilst China did bat out their 30 overs, they scored just 59/8. The top score from a batsman was six, by Duan Qiong. Extras totalled 33. Extras was also a high scorer in the Hong Kong innings as the Chinese bowlers sent down 23 runs in wides. Hong Kong captain Neisha Pratt was the top scorer with 26 as Hong Kong chased down their target with more than 15 overs to spare.

The extras problem is one both these teams, and a lot of other women's teams, need to sort out. Whilst none recently have reached the inglorious heights of the 104 runs in extras conceded by Japan against the Netherlands in the 2003 IWCC Trophy, it was a problem throughout last years regional World Cup qualifiers.

Not much can be gleaned from this match, except it makes it clear that Hong Kong will be one of the favourites for the tournament. They are the most experienced side in the tournament, and whilst Bangladesh have Test status in the men's game, they don't in the women's game, and this will be the first time they field a side. China, on the other hand, need to work hard if their ambitious development programme isn't going to fall flat on its face.