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Fed up with what he termed a total lack of commitment and apathy towards training on the part of his players, St.George's Cricket Club coach George Cannonier yesterday hinted he could resign from his current post at Wellington Oval.

The level-two qualified coach has not been pleased in the least by his players' response to training and lack of application in the middle — which was again cruelly exposed last weekend courtesy of St.George's' demoralising three-wicket loss to the Island's Under-19 national squad at home, a miserable result that sums up the East Enders' dismal start to the 2007 cricket campaign.

'I'm just fed up because the guys are losing games they shouldn't be and not applying themselves. I don't know what is going on down there. I expressed my feelings in the changing room on Saturday but things haven't gotten any better because I expected a better turnout to training yesterday but only the skipper (Ryan Steede) showed up for training,' a clearly frustrated Cannonier said.

'I went out there yesterday expecting to have a talk with the team and only the captain showed up — that's not very disciplined. I don't understand the attitude at all. It's as though something has set in and this is now the outcome of it. Something seems to be gnawing away at the team. There's just no spirit in the team and it has become unbearable.

'And it is hard for me to be a part of that because I like to achieve things and also see the team achieve things but we haven't been able to show any level of consistency and it's kind of hard to deal with and very frustrating.'

Cannonier — who declined an offer to coach at St.David's this season — is now expected to meet with club management in the near future to inform them of his intentions.

Only three years ago Cannonier's arrival at the club was met by unbridled success as St.George's lifted the Premier Division Knockout and Two-Day League trophies in 2004 and then a year later reclaimed the coveted Cup Match trophy from Somerset.

Since then, however, their senior cricket programme has endured a drastic downturn in fortunes and reached the point where coach Cannonier is now contemplating quitting something he cherishes most.

'I don't know what is going to happen and things will have to be sorted out soon because I don't want to be bogged down by a team that doesn't want to train and is going to lose games they should be winning,' he said.

'I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time because I can't go through the whole season like this. I don't think I should continue on like this because I'm looking to get ahead.'

After gaining promotion to the top tier last season, Cannonier was looking ahead to even further success at the club.

'I figured I could do something with the guys this season but it doesn't seem as though anybody wants to train,' he said.

'And the young players that are coming out to train don't seem to have the energy that I would like to see and it's frustrating to the point where I'm now wondering if my time is up over there.'