To lose one selector may be deemed unfortunate, to lose two must be considered careless.

It has not been a good first week in the job for Ireland National Coach Phil Simmons. The day after Kent defeated the World Cup Super Eight qualifiers on their first match back on home soil his first lieutenant, Matt Dwyer, resigned as assistant coach and Leinster's Ireland selector.

On Thursday, Ian Johnston, the NCU selector, followed his colleague into 'retirement' leaving the North West's William Wilson as the only official sounding post for the coach who has yet to see a club game anywhere in Ireland.

But that seems to have been the problem. Johnston's parting shot was he was 'surplus to requirements". Since Simmons took up the post - although Adi Birrell was with the squad for nine days after the last World Cup game against Sri Lanka, the West Indian technically took over on April 19 - there has not been one selection meeting, either formally or informally. And according to Johnston, "at present there seems to be no prospect of one".

That, according to both Johnston and Dwyer, is perfectly understandable because, they were both quick to point out, the coach should be picking the team, but with a new man in the job they did expect to be consulted, especially once he has to go outside the World Cup squad.

But Simmons chose the team to meet Kent, after taking advice from Birrell, and then, on Wednesday night, announced the team to face Somerset and Hampshire this weekend without even a telephone call between the selectors.

That, though, I understand, could have been due to a breakdown in communications because when I rang the coach on Wednesday to find out when the squad for this weekend was due to be named he did say he was waiting for calls from Johnston and Wilson. "But if I don't hear from them within the hour I will go-ahead and name the squad", Simmons told me.

Neither of the, then, two surviving selectors had been told to make the call so once the squad was announced, without any input from the selectors, Johnston announced his resignation - he has also quit the other unpaid post of video analyst - and Simmons is now left with Wilson whom he met for 30 seconds at Stormont on Sunday but they have not spoken since.

The Irish Cricket Union are keen to keep the selector system in place, if only because Simmons knows nothing about the players outside the World Cup squad or the club system and its structure in Ireland. For the moment he is happy to do his own thing but once the 14 available players in the West Indies and the five reserves have been exhausted, where does he go from there?

For the moment, the players in possession seem to be assured of plenty of time to get Ireland back to winning ways.