The South American Championships were held over the Easter weekend, with Guyana Masters emerging triumphant in the final.

The tournament featured Guyana Masters, a team of former Guyana cricketers, Argentina A, ICC affiliate members Brazil and Chile, and non-ICC members Ecuador and hosts Peru.

The tournament started on Thursday the 5th, with Chile beating Peru and Argentina A beating Brazil. Friday saw Guyana Masters beating Chile and Brazil beating Ecuador. The group stage then concluded on Saturday with Peru losing to Guyana Masters and Argentina A beating Ecuador.

Sunday saw the 3rd place play off and final. Chile beat Brazil to secure third place, whilst Guyana Masters beat Argentina in the final, leaving the final standings as follows:

1. Guyana
2. Argentina
3. Chile
4. Brazil
5. Peru
6. Ecuador


Peru lost to Chile by 9 wickets
5 April, Peru
Peru: 86 (31 overs)
Chile: 87/1 (26 overs)

Argentina A beat Brazil by 9 wickets
5 April, Peru
Brazil: 94
Argentina A: 95/1

Chile lost to Guyana Masters by 110 runs
6 April, Peru
Guyana Masters: 280/8 (40 overs)
Chile: 170/7 (40 overs)

Brazil beat Ecuador by 100 runs
6 April, Peru
Brazil: 239/9 (40 overs)
Ecuador: 139 (31 overs)

Argentina A beat Ecuador by 8 wickets
7 April, Peru
Ecuador: 86
Argentina A: 87/2 (20 overs)

Peru lost to Guyana Masters by 92 runs
7 April, Peru
Guyana Masters: 284/4 (40 overs)
Peru: 192

Brazil lost to Chile by 49 runs
8 April, Peru
Chile: 247/7 (40 overs)
Brazil: 198

Argentina A lost to Guyana Masters by 148 runs
8 April, Peru
Guyana Masters: 204 (38 overs)
Argentina A: 56