The ICC have confirmed that Argentina will replace the suspended USA team in Division Three of the World Cricket League in May/June, to be played in Darwin, Australia.

The USA have been suspended from the ICC due to problems with governance of cricket in the country, and Argentina, as the highest ranked team in Division Five, have been selected to replace them.

National team coach Hamish Barton said, "The situation for the players in the USA is very sad and I imagine they are disappointed not to be going to the Division 3 series, but for Argentina it's a great honor to have been chosen and we will make full use of this fantastic opportunity."

When the ICC originally announced the USA's exclusion from the tournament, they said that the USA would be relegated to Division Four. With a team being promoted up from Division Five (no teams were yet in Division Four), I am currently assuming that the USA will now play in Division Five. I will try to confirm this as soon as possible.