What a show, what an event, mind blowing, stunning. There are not the adjectives to describe the stage show. A kaleidoscope of colour, bangra beats it's almost 'Smell o vision', the sensuous spices of India permeate through the auditorium. To summarise it was breath taking, and if you get the chance when the show hits your town, see it. And as the curtain fell and the dust settled I had the chance to talk to the some of the cast.

"It's nice to talk about something other than the show!" said 'The Merchants of Bollywood' star Pramod Pathak who plays 'Toni Bakshi' in the production, as I caught up with him after the premiere of the show in Düsseldorf. We talked about something even more important than Bollywood; Cricket.

When asked how the cast had followed India's fortunes at the ICC Cricket World Cup in the West Indies he replied, "There was no chance for us to follow any cricket because German television never shows any cricket. But anyway India is out of the tournament!. As far as we know India didn't play well at all and were knocked out in the first round and it was a big disappointment."

Ireland in the Super 8's? "It's something that is unbelievable, how it happened we don't know, and one could never imagine that Pakistan would lose to a team like Ireland. It's like a Heavyweight professional boxer losing to a Lightweight amateur. There is no match but still, so something fishy there I think!"

The possibility of Ireland playing a Test series in India in a decade's time? "I think so, definitely, because when Sri Lanka was a beginner in World Cricket nobody could possibly have thought that they would win the World Cup and would be such a strong team after a couple of years, and now they are World Champions and one of the strongest teams, so why not Ireland?"