Inzamam-ul-Haq found guilty of Code of Conduct breach, fined 50 per cent of match fee after his side is four overs short of target against Ireland

The Pakistan team has been fined for maintaining a slow over-rate during its three-wicket loss to Ireland in the Group D ICC Cricket World Cup match in Kingston on Saturday.

ICC match referee Chris Broad imposed the fines after Inzamam-ul-Haq's side was ruled to be four overs short of its target at the end of the match when time allowances were taken into consideration.

And with the shortfall being more than two overs, Inzamam, as captain, was automatically charged with a Level two Code of Conduct breach, clause 2.11.

Inzamam pleaded not guilty to that charge but Mr Broad found him guilty in a hearing that took place after the match concluded.

Inzamam was fined 50 per cent of his match fee for the breach - the minimum amount allowable for a Level two offence - and as he was found guilty, that punishment took precedence over any fine that was imposed on him as part of the Pakistan team.

That is in accordance with the ICC Code of Conduct regulation that states: "In the event of the Captain being found guilty of a charge under this Rule (2.11), the sanction imposed will take the place of the fine imposed..." It means his total fine is 50 per cent of his match fee, not 90 per cent as was stated in a previous version of this media release. Please disregard that previous release.

The other players are each fined five per cent of their match fees for every over and so Inzamam's team mates are each 20 per cent out of pocket following the match. If a captain is not charged and found guilty under 2.11, his punishment for an over-rate breach is always double that of the rest of the team.

Players found guilty of a Level two, three or four offence under the ICC Code of Conduct have a right of appeal. Such an appeal must be lodged in writing with the ICC's legal counsel within 24 hours of the player receiving the original verdict.

The penalties for a Level two offence range from a fine of 50 per cent of a player's match fee up to a fine of a full match fee and/or a one Test or two ODI ban.

The hearing was attended by Inzamam, Pakistan team manager Talat Ali and the four umpires on duty for the match, on-field officials Brian Jerling and Billy Bowden, third umpire Simon Taufel and fourth official Ian Gould.