Canadian captain John Davison was clearly disappointed with his side's defeat at the Cricket World Cup 2007. 'There were not too many positives after Geoff Barnett got us off to a good start.' He later noted that 'Andy Cummins bowled well and had got the ball to swing away.'

'We didn't click. We've not bowled that many extras for a long time,' added Davison. Needing to contain, and in reality probably bowl out Kenya in defending a total of 199, Canada had bowled 17 wides and a no-ball by around the 17th over.

'It will be pretty hard to have two wins in the big games (against England and New Zealand).'

Asked about his role in the middle order batting, compared to his pinch-hitting opening batting role at the previous Cricket World Cup, Davison said of a possible return to the top of the order, 'It's a bit late to change now. It's a matter of me coming to terms batting against the spinners.'

He also said regarding the control the Kenyan spinners gained in mid-innings 'We've got to get the feet moving to the spiiners to put them under pressure and punch the ball down the ground.'

His counterpart, Kenyan captain Steve Tikolo was named Man-of-the-Match and said 'It was an ideal start. It's important to win the first game and get momentum to take into the next game. The players know the World Cup is the big stage. Today goes to show they're up to it.'

'The spinners did a good job. After losing David (Obuya), Morris Ouma batted brilliantly.'