Peru and the Falkland Islands have both passed regional inspections and their applications for affiliate membership of the ICC will be considered at the next annual meeting of the ICC in London.

Cricket in Peru dates back to 1859 when the Lima Cricket and Football Club was founded. The first international opposition was an MCC side captained by Pelham Warner on its way back from Australia in 1927. Since then, they have toured Argentina, Columbia and Venezuela, and have received visits from Argentina, and even Australia.

Five clubs are part of the Peruvian Cricket Association, and they will host the seventh South American Championship in April this year. Just prior to that, a combined South American XI will play the MCC in Chile

Cricket in the British overseas territory of the Falkland Islands dates back to the 1920s. Recent attempts to expand the game have seen tours to Chile by both the senior side and the Under-17 side, and an annual series takes place each year between a Governor's XI and a British Forces team

Whilst cricket is prevalent in the English-speaking Caribbean countries, the Spanish-speaking countries of the region have tended to gravitate more towards the other bat and ball game of baseball. But the first cricket association in the Dominican Republic has recently been formed by a group of cricket enthusiasts. composed mainly of students from cricket playing countries, and chaired by Ian Worthington, the British ambassador. The cricketers in Santa Domingo meet every Saturday and Sunday afternoon at a local baseball field to play their game.

It is perhaps surprising that cricket in the country does have a long history, dating back to the late-19th century. Indeed, baseball legend Sammy Sosa told the BBC in 2000 that he played cricket before taking up baseball, saying "If things had been different I could have been a cricket star."

Whilst the countries cricketers aren't about to repeat their baseball cousins achievements of a semi-final place in last years World Baseball Classic tournament, if they can produce crickets equivalent of Sammy Sosa, they won't be too far off!