Afghanistan's army have beaten the Royal Marines cricket team. The Afghans bowled first, and bowled the Marines out for just 56 in 14 overs and then knocked off the runs in just 12 overs.

The match was played as a joint celebration of New Year and Eid. Robert Mead, the head of the UK's Task Force in Afghanistan said "We can get Sky Sports out here and obviously the boys have been following the Ashes series. Unfortunately, it appears they decided to replicate England's efforts!"

The match was organised by Lt Rob Cooper, who said "The skill level of the Afhans was brilliant. We soon realised we were in trouble when they opened the bowling." Equipment for the match was donated by various organisations, including Gray-Nicholls and Newbery.

Cricket is a growing sport in Afghanistan, with all 29 provinces having a team, and the national side are sure to get one of the two new spots in the ACC Premier League this year, and they will play in Division Five of the World Cricket League in 2008, still giving them hope of reaching the 2011 World Cup.

Photo of Afghanistan national team courtesy of Asian Cricket Council