A group of almost 100 cricketers in Oman have formed a breakaway group in protest against the Oman Cricket Club's (the governing body for cricket in Oman) refusal to accept their demands. Worryingly, the split is along nationality lines as all the breakaway group are Omani nationals.

They have demanded that every Oman national side contains at least 6 players that are Omani nationals. The vice-president of the OCC told the Gulf News that the demands were unreasonable and unacceptable, saying, "We cannot accept that condition as we are here to pick the best and cricket is not played only by the Omani nationals, every resident in the country must get a fair chance, including expatriates."

He says that the OCC have "bent over backwards" to accommodate Omani nationals, making it a requirement that every team in the Oman Cricket League must include at least one Omani national.