The Royal Gazette mastheadWhile there may not be a huge gap in talent between the players from Kenya and Bermuda, Island coach Gus Logie believes his men need to take a leaf out of the Africans' book in terms of their professional approach to the game.

Having watched his team go down for the second successive day, a disappointed Logie said the players had to dig deeper.

'Kenya's attitude and approach is a lot better, it's much more professional,' said the former West Indies Test star. They take responsibility for their game, they take responsibility when they get out there in the middle . . . at a time with three wickets down today you saw two guys (Steve Tikolo and Tanmay Mishra) put their heads down and see the team through.

'That's the difference with these two sides. Our players seem to be satisfied with 20 or 15 runs. We need to go further and take the responsibility and finish the job, whether we're bowling or batting. I just hope we learn from these mistakes. We have these games on video tape. We're looking at them all the time, people are saying the right things, but we're not putting it into action.

'It's not a lack of information or a lack of knowledge. It's basically a lack of understanding of what has to be done, when and how.' Logie agreed lack of consistency also remained a major problem.

'I thought yesterday we were outplayed,' he added. 'We bowled well but batted poorly. Today I think we batted reasonably well in the end to make 183, even though again we had a poor start.

'We lost wickets at crucial stages, Irving (Romaine) and Dean (Minors) when we felt that they could have gone on and got us a big score. But in the end, fair play to Janeiro, his was a very good innings, and Hemp came into his own and showed us what he can do. So that augurs well for the future.

'Our final total of 183 was a defendable total. But again we had a poor start to the bowling. One day we bowl well and don't bat well, the next day we bat reasonably well and bowl poorly. It's a situation where we have to be more consistent with all aspects of our game.

'Of more concern for me is not the individual skill of the team, it's our approach and attitude. It's something that must improve. As players they've got to understand that we're not just representing ourselves but our country and we have to give it everything we've got.

'We have to put aside all the little things going on around us and focus on the job at hand. That's what we need to work on at this time.'