The Bermuda Cricket Board issued a press release today regarding the release of George O'Brien from his national team contract:

The Bermuda Cricket Board wishes to announce that in breech of the probationary conditions set out on July 12th 2006 that Mr. George O'Brien has been removed from the National Squad as of today. Due to continued poor effort and lack of quality or commitment in training the Bermuda Cricket Board has no other choice but to terminate Mr. O'Brien's contract.

O'Brien, who has the impressive bowling average of 19.5 in his five ODIs, has caused concern with senior figures in Bermudian cricket due to a lack of commitment when it came to training, and he was not losing the weight he was supposed to be losing.

O'Brien was dropped from the Bermuda squad for the tour of Kenya and South Africa next month, and today's news means it's almost certain he won't feature in the World Cup.