Hopes that the contract dispute in Bermuda could be coming to an end have taken a blow with news that several players are seeking legal advice.

Eleven players have seeked the advice of two law firms on the island, despite the Bermuda Cricket Board apparently agreeing to the players demands on Saturday. BCB vice-president Gary Fray told the Royal Gazette: "I went home on Saturday relieved because basically the players got what they wanted. And I am sure when all of the executives left that meeting on Saturday they too were satisfied that we had done the best for the Board, as well as the national team. We basically accepted and gave them everything they proposed, so what's the gripe?"

It's almost a month since this dispute reared its head, and with less than a month to go before Bermuda travel to Kenya and South Africa, we must hope that this contract issue is cleared as soon as possible, preferably without a potentially messy court case.