The Malaysian Cricket Association has revealed a proposal that will see major reforms to domestic cricket in the country as they aim to reach ODI status by 2015.

The main change to the current system will see five franchised teams introduced for a new national league. The system will be modeled after that used in American professional sports, with the teams selecting their 13 players in a draft from a central pool. They will also get the service of two foreign professionals. Further revamps are expected at junior levels, as currently 80% of players are leaving the game after leaving school.

The individual state associations will vote on the plan on Saturday, and Mahinda Vallipuram, the MCA vice-president, knows it could be a tough sell. Speaking to the New Straits Times he said, "I know some aspects of the plan might not go down well with the State associations, but the present system has failed to produce results. That is why we hope to explain our plan in greater detail in the forum on Saturday and we urge the States to keep an open mind."