In an Americas Under 15 Championship severely hampered by poor weather, including tropical storm Ernesto, the United States snatched the regional title on the final day, despite more thunderstorms and drastically shortened games.

With the first two days of this three-day event completely lost to Ernesto's presence over Florida in the USA, officials from ICC Americas, USACA and local city and county authorities worked tirelessly to at least salvage a knock-out 20/20 tournament between the four participating teams on the final day. The two semi-finals, although ultimately completed, were interrupted by heavy showers, which meant that the final and third/fourth place play-off were reduced to 15 overs a side in order to fit them in before darkness fell. As it was, the final exciting moments were played out in gathering dark, with a backdrop of thunder and lighting in the distance, as the USA clinched victory off the final ball over Bermuda in the final.

                          P   W  NR   L   Pts
USA                       3   2   1   0    5
Bermuda                   3   1   1   1    3
Canada                    3   1   1   1    3
Americas Development XI   3   0   1   2    1
  • Bermuda beat Americas Development XI by 7 wickets.
    Americas Development XI 91-6 (20 overs, M Young 31*, K Fubler 3-8, R Smith 2-12)
    Bermuda 93-3 (14.4 overs, S Smith 49*)
  • USA beat Canada by 25 runs.
    USA 95-5 (20 overs, B Giridharan 30)
    Canada 70 (17.3 overs, V Nayar 3-6, G Sewdial 2-17)
  • Canada beat Americas Development XI by 108 runs.
    Canada 169-5 (15 overs, H Zaidi 74, H Patel 48)
    Americas Development XI 61-5 (15 overs)
  • USA beat Bermuda by 4 runs.
    USA 80-5 (15 overs, V Nayar 40)
    Bermuda 78-6 (15 overs, G Sewdial 3-18, VNayar 2-10)

Individual Awards

  • Player of Tournament: Avivan Nayar (USA)
  • Best Batsman: Hussain Zaidi (Canada)
  • Best Bowler: Vaibhan Nayar (USA)
  • Best Fielder: Kevon Fugler (Bermuda)
  • Best Wicket-Keeper: Akash Jagannathan (USA)