The ICC has confirmed Bermuda left-arm spin bowler Hasan Durham has been reported for a potentially flawed bowling action following the ODI against Canada in Toronto on Monday.

The report was made by on-field umpires Ian Gould and Roger Dill, third and fourth umpires Karran Bayney and Ruban Sivanadian and the Emirates Elite Panel ICC match referee Jeff Crowe.

The officials reviewed the player's action during the match and in the light of their assessment he has been referred to stage one of the ICC's process for assessing bowlers with potentially flawed actions.

The ICC, the Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB) and the player's team management have been informed of the report as per the ICC regulations governing the process.

This issue now comes under those regulations and an expert in biomechanics will be appointed by the ICC in consultation with the BCB to provide an independent assessment of Mr Durham's action within the next 21 days.

The assessment will be submitted to the ICC which will, in turn, send a copy to the BCB. Until the BCB receives the assessment the player will be able to continue to play and any subsequent report has no consequence.

If Mr Durham is found to have been bowling with an illegal action he will be suspended from bowling in international cricket with immediate effect. He would then have the option of applying to the ICC for a re-assessment of his bowling action at any time in order to return to bowling in international cricket.

The player will be allowed to play international cricket until the biomechanical report has been completed, at the discretion of the BCB.

BCB Executive Director Neil Speight said: 'The ICC has made us aware of the process and we are happy to adhere to it.'