It took Nepal just two legal deliveries to win their match against Myanmar (formerly Burma) in the group stages of the Asian Cricket Council Trophy in Kuala Lumpur, after Myanmar had batted first and been dismissed for a total of just ten runs (which included 5 extras) in the thirteenth over.

Myanmar was recently admitted as the 97th member of the ICC and this was their first international tournament.

Mahaboob Alam took seven wickets for three runs as five of the Myanmar batsmen made a single each and the others all made ducks. The Myanmar opening bowler bowled five wides before his second legal delivery was hit for three to bring the farce to an end.

One can only wonder why Myanmar was subjected to the embarassment of taking part in a tournament where they would so obviously be completely out of their depth. The first phase of the tournament has contained quite a few mismatches, including

  • UAE 459-3 beat Brunei 92 by 367 runs
  • Saudi Arabia 499-6 beat Brunei 155 by 344 runs
  • Nepal 317-8 beat Bhutan 36 by 281 runs
  • Hong Kong 442-2 beat Myanmar 20 by 422 runs

but this was undoubtedly the greatest of them all, given that Nepal are widely-tipped to win the tournament when it conludes next week and thereby qualify for the 3rd Division of the World Cricket league.