Defending premier, Friends XI, have been joined by Omega XI, Sprandi XI, Moscow Mongrels, Fine Star & NRI in a round-robin series which began on April 29 with trial matches. The 12 match league competition will conclude when the finals begin in the first week of September.

The teams are composed almost entirely of white collar workers in Moscow on relatively short conttracts.

A football ground with an astroturf surface ensures favourable batting conditions, meaning scores of between 200 to 230 from the allotted overs are the norm.

The League will break for a 20/20 tournament held at the end of July over tw days.

Meanwhile, it appears cricket has died in its only known Russian outpost, St.Petersburg.

Two of the main organisers have left St.Petersburg, and crucially, badly needed equipment has gone with them. The St.Petersburg Times reports on the only match played this 'season':